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Re:I am so confused with shipping...

    May 08 2012 14:36:28



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    Heddo - I would either suggest setting weights to your product.

    OR a few questions.
    - are you shipping from the US?
    - If from US, what method of shipping are you using? Priority? first class

    can you post a link to site so I can see product?

    heddo said I have three options for shipping, USA, Canada, and International. I have it set up for 3 zones. I sell very lightwight products mostly. I've had it set up that up to 4 is one price, 4 more $2 is added to the shipping cost, and so on. Now I have started selling handbags which are MUCH heavier than my other products. It has completely thrown me for a loop with shipping. I have it set up on my website to count them as 12 items so it will charge correctly. But it still isn't. Shipping is so messed up on my site that it's affecting my sells. I don't know if there is a better option for shipping than the zones or what I need to do but I have to do something.

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