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showing past orders

    May 13 2012 18:10:51



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    A couple of years ago I thought there was an option in one of the Add In programs that had an option for customers to view their past orders online.

    I have done a search on here but found nothing.

    Tried MOrders but it is so difficult to work out what is going on and there are no help files.

    Found a post about but that is also pretty 'blank' and can't work out what it is for.

    Does anyone know of something that can do this for a non-database driven cart?

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    May 14 2012 06:06:49



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    I'd ask the guys in India to build you something, be prepared to be possibly ripped off. Do your homework on the company you use. If you get something and the licence, you can always resell it.

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    May 14 2012 10:23:04



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    There was a third party solution called Order History, but I think I saw a couple of people post that they are no longer around.

    May 14 2012 17:10:53


    Debbie Q

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    Support mentions Advanced receipts

    There is also But like Anon said, I have heard rumors they are not responding to emails.

    I think there also was one called Zoom Orders or something similar to that.

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    May 23 2012 10:21:18



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    Thanks anon and Debbie Q - I think Order History is the one I was thinking of.
    GT - you lost me a bit - never mind.
    If anyone finds one that works can you update this post please

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