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mtracker - secondary affiliates

    May 16 2012 18:46:52



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    mtracker provides the ability to give a 'secondary' affiliate a referral percentage from any affiliates that they 'recruit'...

    But how does the secondary affiliate get linked to the primary affiliate?
    Does mtracker automatically realise that the new primary affiliate clicked through from the secondary affiliates link before signing up?

    May 17 2012 16:30:15


    Debbie Q

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    Yes, The cart knows if the new affiliate came from another. I don't use the secondary affilate program but a few of my affilates say they are secondary to someone else in the program.

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    May 22 2012 19:25:48



    Join date : 2009-06-26      Posts : 52

    Thanks Debbie - that makes sense... having looked a bit deeper i don't think i'll be going down the secondary affiliate route after all - but it's worth knowing just for future reference!