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To counter cart abandonment

    May 19 2012 16:36:02



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    Is there a way to capture the email address entered in the cart so if a customer abandons the cart before completing the purchase I can contact them? Or maybe have a chat window presented when they bail out?

    I read in another forum of a guy who used Mal's cart and was able to capture the email address, but the post was from 2003.

    Thanks for any ideas!


    May 20 2012 03:49:23



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    I can only think of having an email address collection as part of your page and send using sendmail before sending the form.

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    May 21 2012 12:54:39



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    Personally, I think this is a bad idea. As a customer, it would give me a bad impression of your site.

    However, I think it is doable technically. Since you can put javascript in the header you could use onbeforeunload to execute something.