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PayPal Express order fow

    Jun 07 2012 12:41:28



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    If a customer utilises PayPal express check-out ...

    1 - they go from merchant site to paypal
    2 - they input paypal details
    3 - get redirected back to merchant site
    4 - have to confirm the order on the merchant site.

    Is there any way of having payment being taken immediately after they
    confirm their details on the PayPal site - and not require them to confirm
    their order still on the merchant site.

    We are having more and more people order via Paypal but think that the order process is complete after they leave paypal and get redirected back to the merchant site. They forget to finally confirm their order on the merchant
    site ... and thus the order never goes through.

    Any thoughts / tips on how to combat this ?

    Jun 07 2012 15:22:01



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    With PayPal standard Darren....

    Return link from PayPal

    After the customer has paid Paypal they may either return back to your website or to the cart.
    return the customer direct to your website using the return link from your cart set-up
    return the customer back to the cart. See the notes below...
    use your own URL back to your site including https:// or http:// in front

    GET request, like an ordinary hyperlink. It has no transactions variables
    POST request includes Paypal transaction variables

    If you choose to return the customer to the cart then I recommend that you set Auto return - On in your Merchant profile at Paypal.

    IPN - Instant Payment Notification

    PayPal should make an IPN call to the cart to confirm when someone pays. Select this option if you want an order notification from the cart.

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