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Re:Captcha or other security addition to cart page

    Jun 08 2012 11:22:53



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    So here's what the client's bank says is happening:
    "Recently we have been seeing more cases of fraudulent card testing, merchant compromise and fraudulent customer transactions. At this time, one of the most prevalent scams are being focused towards Non Profit Ecommerce Merchants. Fraudsters are using your web sites to test fraudulent credit cards by processing small dollar transactions to see which cards receive authorizations, then using the active card numbers for fraudulent purchases. This can be very costly to your business. As these fraudsters are processing thousands of cards in a very short period of time, these charges can add up very quickly. We have seen the merchant costs go as high as $5,000. "

    So this sounds like something new. I'm going to look into Captcha. Ugh.