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Re:Captcha or other security addition to cart page

    Jun 10 2012 13:37:55



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    I'll try this script. Thanks! If you have a form with a lot of items in it, it seems like I would have to have this double box with each item that could be placed in the cart. I'll play with it for future reference. It would come in handy for message forms, since I have had spammy stuff filled in on those and there is just one send button.

    FYI I talked to the security people at the bank that was wanting Captcha. They said that this CC testing that the crooks are doing is to test a card to see if they can get it used for a cheap purchase. They then can use it on other sites for expensive purchases. But I asked why this would be needed, since if they have all the correct name,address,cc, exp, etc, the card would work anywhere. They said that the crooks don't have all the info and tend to use generic info like the name John Smith. And the website carts that fall into the trap are ignoring the info that's wrong.

    So we came to the conclusion that the Mal's/Paypal combo is safe since Paypal would not accept a CC with the wrong info. And when I set up a cart that uses the website owner's merchant services to enter a payment manually, the owner will see the incorrect info and their merchant services account should reject it as well.
    It could be that some Gateways that auto deposit payments into a checking account are looser and don't reject bad name, addresses. I'm just guessing.