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Shipping calc not what I expected, please help.

    Jun 20 2012 07:39:14



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    Hi, I am using option 5 shipping. I am using weight (grams) for units to calculate the bands. My first band is up to 100 units (100grams) and the cost is $1.60. In my buy now button for one product the units=40 and the qty=1. I was expecting that the shipping would be $1.60 because 40 units is less than 100 but the system calculated the shipping as $64. This is $1.60 x 40. I must not understand something quite fundamental. Please help! Thanks. Richie

    Jun 20 2012 10:49:01



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    Sounds as though you should be using option 7.

    Option 5 charges the 'COST' value for each unit in the band. Option 7 charges it for the whole band.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Jun 20 2012 13:33:34



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    Hi Alan,
    I think you are right. I don't think the descriptions are very clear. I will study that link you sent. Thank you!