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Re:Shipping question per item?

    Jun 26 2012 05:06:11



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    Alan - thank you for the reply. I'm going to try 2 drop down boxes. Not sure if this is the best way to do this?

    However, I have 2 issues.
    1 - would prefer to remove the qty box when the item(s) go to cart only for these items - leaving the garbage pail there if customer wants to remove item(s)

    2 - again, not sure if I'm doing this the best way? I added check boxes w/ the dropdown.

    If I add the Titanium Item it works fine.
    If I check both boxes & select an option in both the drop downs it works fine

    BUT if I check only the 1st item "Element Stainless" when I go to the cart it shows 'Element Titanium" with no dollar amount.

    Anyone have suggestions on how to fix this form??

    thank you!

    Claire Walters Design Studios