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Shipping band exception

    Jun 29 2012 12:56:46



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    I have a question about shipping. Currently I'm using option 6 and have 3 bands with fixed prices entered into the 'The rest' box for the price of either standard, recorded or special delivery.

    I want to add another band called Courier delivery. However, instead of having a fixed price I will be getting customers to phone for a shipping price. There will be a minimum charge of 15 but I was wondering if it's possible to have a box where the customer can enter the price they've been quoted on the phone.

    Jun 29 2012 13:38:05



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    The option applies to all zones, Using option 6 the variables are the number of items and the charge for each band. These can't be changed by the customer entering a value.

    I think you would need an extra product called, say, 'pre-arranged shipping' and you would provide a text box for 'price' (or price1 etc., if using addmulti.cfm).

    The courier zone table could be
    rest ____ 0

    The customer would have to choose 'courier' as the zone and the cart's shipping line would show 0.00, with the charge being shown as the price of the new product.

    Is your shipping taxable?

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Jun 29 2012 13:59:52



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    Thanks for your workaround Alan. No, shipping isn't taxable and neither are the products so this should presumably work.