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Re:Custom 'Continue Shopping' Button at TOP of Cart

    Jan 27 2009 19:30:04



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    Pressing the recaculate should have no relevance to your continue shopping button at all it just updates any changes in your cart you make

    For the going back further with the continue shopping just change the -1 to -2. This will take you back 2 pages or if you use a -3 it will take you back 3 pages etc.

    Depending where you came from on your site it may fail and not go back as far as you wish. For example if you have a particular cart on a 3rd page and the code is set to go back -2 it can only go back 2 pages in your browser history not 3 to get back to your home page.

    Depending on your situation it may or may not work to your liking. Just fiddle with the - number until you are happy with the results.