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Re:Disappearing Customer Message

    Jul 10 2012 15:29:47


    Danielle F

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    drsethl said Hi,

    I've had a customer message box on my cart for a few years, but have noticed in the last year or so that the customers' messages are not showing up in the order email, so not getting through to me. Can anyone advise how to ensure that any additional information left by the customer is collected and sent in the order email? Or is there somewhere else that it is stored? Cheers


    Hi Seth

    The info is stored on the order online. If you log into your cart online, click Orders, click the order number then on the right, click Display this order.
    The other place is in mOrders, if you use that to download orders to your computer.

    In all places though, if the customer message was lost before they completed checkout, it won't appear in the message section of the online backup either.