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    Aug 02 2012 18:21:40



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    This is directed toward GT but if anyone else can help then please do so.

    Some time ago it was suggested that we had lots of errors on one of our sites but did not have the time to do anything at that time. Have just had a quick look and found the following

    Many of them appear to be about the return link - they don't like the &

    Anyone shed any light on this?

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    Aug 03 2012 05:47:21



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    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Aug 03 2012 07:23:42



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    Your errors are not too many at 22 and fixed in around one or two minutes, remove all instances of:

    After you've removed the above, check that all script declarations are:
    <script type="text/javascript">

    Change &return to &amp;return

    Replace the script mailto:
    <p style="margin-left:20px; margin-right:20px" class="tx8x">email -
    <script language="JavaScript"><!--
    var name = "contact";
    var domain = "";
    document.write('<a href=\"mailto:' + name + '@' + domain + '\">');
    document.write(name + '@' + domain + '</a>');
    // --></script>

    <p style="margin-left:20px; margin-right:20px" class="tx8x"><a href="">email</a></p>

    Remove all instances of bordercolor* and you're there.

    However, none of the above are critical to a browser rendering your page.

    You do have aspects though of your design that will get you into trouble with Google.
    As you're finding, you're on page 3, who looks there if they've found what they're looking for on page 1 or page 2?

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