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Suddenly not receiving order notification emails

    Aug 12 2012 03:08:28



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    We are suddenly NOT receiving the order notification email that comes from Mal's. In the list of orders, these display in RED. We've noticed that the orders in RED also say that the "payer status" is unverified.

    What's happened? We've made no changes. What can we do to fix this so we received the order notifications again?

    Thank you!

    Aug 12 2012 06:12:26



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    Red, I believe, means that the payment processor returned to Mal's not confirming payment has been made.

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    Aug 12 2012 14:14:27



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    Thank you. I suppose that's a possibility.

    However -- we DO receive notification from Pay Pal, telling us that we've received a payment in the amount of $xxxx from so and so. The money appears to have been collected by Pay Pal, but the text is RED and we get nothing from our Mal's cart.

    We used to receive the Mal's notifications all the time. It seems to have STOPPED only recently. Any suggestions as to what we should check?

    Thanks again!

    Aug 12 2012 16:38:25


    Debbie Q

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    Double check all your settings in Mals and in PayPal.

    Assuming you are using PayPal Standard....

    In the cart payment set up, click the "PayPal" link. 1) Check the button by Website Payments Standard. 2) Enter your PayPal email address. 3) Return the customer back to the cart. 4) check the box where it says "PayPal should make an IPN call to the cart to confirm when someone pays." Don't forget to check the update button at the bottom.

    In PayPal Click the "Profile" tab. Under "Hosted payment Settings" find the "Website Payment Preferences" link and click it. Set "Auto return" to On and enter your website URL. It doesn't matter what you put there. The cart will override it and send the customer back to the Carts Thank-you page. Near the bottom under PayPal account optional click the "on" button.

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    Aug 13 2012 00:30:29



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    OK, thank you Debbie. I'll give that a try!