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Minimum Order Amount

    Aug 17 2012 12:48:04


    Lynn Greene

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    I often offer free shipping.

    I am adding some new items that sell for less than $1.00.

    I want to prevent an order at check-out for less than $5.00 to prevent loosing money because of shipping charges.

    How do I implement a minimum order of $5.00 requirement?

    If there's a link, please provide that also.

    Greene Ware, Etc.

    Aug 17 2012 13:35:12



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 2978

    Admin / cart setup / then under 'Advanced settings' select 'Minimum order size'

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Aug 18 2012 01:08:03



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    Just wanted to offer an option Lynn - if you would ship these $1 items with a shipping fee... you could set up what you would need for shipping to say ship 4 of these $1 items... Then as a general rule... make shipping free with a $5 or more order. If the free shipping with a certain dollar amount option isn't in the shipping tab, it is in the discounts tab in cart setup. Hope that helps!