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"Edit this order"

    Sep 27 2012 01:38:24


    Nigel B

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    I have just used the "edit this order" feature available to premium accounts. I refunded 1 of 4 items for a customer, and they have asked for an ammended reciept. I edkited the quantity to 3 and it changed the total, however it did not allow for the tax. The tax was $15.00 on the original order and with the change of quantity it remained the same, giving my order an incorrect total. Dont think its me, perhaps Mal hasnt come accross this yet?

    Sep 27 2012 03:53:56


    Debbie Q

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    You should email Mal directly on this.

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    Sep 27 2012 21:02:12


    Nigel B

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    Thanks Debbie Q

    Oct 05 2012 00:31:48


    Nigel B

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    For anyone wanting Mals response...

    Yes, you need to manually adjust most of the totals yourself, including the tax, when you edit an order. Unfotunately it isn't practical to store all information required to recreate the caculations the cart made as the customer was placing the order. For example, it would need keep a copy of the cart set up, as it was configured at that point in time.