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Re:Adwords Ecommerce Tracking?

    Oct 15 2012 03:51:33



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    Hi Tony, I am glad you asked this question and that Debbie could help. I have have had the same question about adwords and particularly now that the adword and Google products accounts need to be linked. So I will give this a try when I have bit more time.

    I also have have had very frequent order refusals from Paypal. Lots of red on my orders list. I spoke to them once about it and they were really unhelpful. They said that every single time it happens, I would have to get the customer to call. That is impractical, especially when the customer has already walked away because the order did not complete. Sometimes, it is a matter of who you talk to at Paypal and trying to nail down a supervisor so I will try again sometime soon as it is very discouraging for customers. If I find out anything I will post here.