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Multiple Payment Options - is this possible???

    Feb 03 2009 22:50:34



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    My website currently accepts credit card payments only, through payment gateway.
    I would like to start accepting cash and debit payments through PayPal.
    Is it possible to have two payment options - for credit cards and PayPal for cash and debit payments?
    If yes, how would I integrate the two?

    Thank you in advance for any help on this!


    Feb 03 2009 23:21:12


    Debbie Q

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    Yep, Just set paypal up in the cart setup.

    In your admin in the cart set up, click the "PayPal" link. 1) Check the button by Website Payments Standard. 2) Enter your PayPal email address. 3) Return the customer back to the cart. 4) check the box where it says "PayPal should make an IPN call to the cart to confirm when someone pays." Don't forget to check the update button at the bottom.

    In PayPal Click the "Profile" tab. Under "Selling Preferences" find the "Website Payment Preferences" link and click it. Set "Auto return" to On and enter your website URL. It doesn't matter what you put there. The cart will override it and send the customer back to the Carts Thank-you page.

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    Feb 05 2009 18:46:18



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    thank you so much! It worked!