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hide continue shopping button

    Nov 07 2012 10:35:06



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    Is it possible to hide or disable the continue shopping button. The reason why is because I want cart to be viewed in an iframe and if you press the continue shopping button it then opens the site inside the iframe which is a pain

    Nov 07 2012 11:03:40



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    If you don't include a return address when you link to the cart, there will be no continue shopping button.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Nov 07 2012 12:01:24



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    This is a similar issue to one I have just posted about. If pcguy DID want the continue shopping button (or in my case using producturl) is there a way to make this open outside of the iframe?

    Nov 08 2012 09:02:11



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    thankyou guys it worked well