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Re:Question about Scodes?

    Nov 21 2012 16:59:32



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    GT said Does this help Claire?

    Both individual discount coupons and/or a discount table can now be linked to a single product or a group of products. This is done using the optional scode (SKU) field which can be added to your Buy Now buttons.

    When defining a discount coupon or table you can now restrict its use to those products which either equal or start with or end with a particular scode (SKU) value. So for example, you could define the discount as being applied to only products starting with an SKU of 1111. In that case products with an SKU of 1111AAAA and 11113333 will be included in the discount but not 11222.

    There are some assumptions made in terms of the logic of how it works, in particular:

    1. A percentage discount is applied only to the products in the group, not the whole order.

    yup makes sense now - Thank you GT! :)

    Would be easier (at least for me ) if there was a option to say Include this items or not include these items, sku001, sku002, sku003 etc.. so now I'll figure out a way to create sku codes to work with this sale

    is this the right way to add sku code to the products?

    <input type="hidden" name="scode" value="widget001">


    <input type="hidden" name="scode1" value="widgetxyz">

    <input type="hidden" name="scode2" value="widget002">

    and so on.. scode I assume needs to match if it is product or product1, product2 etc.. ?

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