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Outgoing emails: 2 BIG problems.

    Feb 05 2009 12:15:54


    Mario Cassar

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    I am using mOrders 3.xx, however, recently I had to format my computer hard disk and reloaded everything. I never had problems in the previous 4 years.

    The problem is that when I send an email to the clients to tell them that the order is despatched all clients receive the email which belongs to the first client I have emailed. For example if I have a list of six clients to send an email and the first one is John Bloggs, John Bloggs receive the right email but the rest receive the email of John Bloggs as well, including his address, order and details.

    The only way round it is that before I send the email to the rest I have to click on ‘E-mail’ tab for the preview and send it from there.

    And while on the subject of emails any idea why it takes around 10secs to be able to send one to the next client or I get the following message 'error I/O error 103 application error'.

    I appreciate any input.