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Payments in cart completely messed up and I did not touch anything

    Nov 26 2012 16:24:29



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    I have not touched my payment setup in years, but today I just sent this message to Mal, but I am hoping that someone here can help.

    I just went to check orders and I am getting direct credit cards. I ONLY USE PAYPAL. I just checked all my cart settings and I am set up for Paypal standard and in the direct credit card area I have NEVER touched that. I have to call my customers and say that my cart is messed up and I will need to send them invoices from paypal because I don't do credit cards here. HELP. This is Cyber Monday here in the US and I don't have time to breath today let alone try to fix a broken shopping cart.

    Plus this credit card thing is asking for a unique password???? Help.

    Howaco Glass Supply Co

    Nov 26 2012 16:28:53


    Brennan Dalsgard Publishe

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    I am having the same problem!! I just had three people email saying they can't pay with PayPal that it defaults to credit card only.

    Nov 26 2012 17:22:44


    Mrs G H Broadbent

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    Same for me. I have options to take credit cards, or payment by cheque. When we take a telephone order, we enter it into the cart & select payment by cheque route. The cart is taking me directly through to card payment, even though I have selected cheque payment. I have changed nothing. This is a new bug that has just been introduced to the cart.

    Nov 26 2012 18:05:41



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    Mal just emailed me back, it has been fixed. Phew!

    Howaco Glass Supply Co