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Restrict countries for specific product

    Nov 27 2012 20:42:58


    Nigel B

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    I have one popular item on my website that for strict licencing reasons can only be sent to two countries.

    Is there a way to restrict only this product? Yet allow all other products to be sent worldwide.

    I have large instructions stating this on the page concerned and even statements on the product description, but thats not working! (incredibly)

    Nov 27 2012 21:20:16


    Debbie Q

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    No, There is no perfect way to restrict a person from buying it.

    I guess you could put a checkbox as part of your form that says they are from the country you ship to and have a java script making it so they cannot add the product to the cart unless they from the right one but even with that there is no guarentees.

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    Nov 28 2012 08:41:17



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    You could check their country before sending to the cart, but as Debbie says, it's not 100% - I find that people lie.

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