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Shipping Setup Question

    Feb 05 2009 19:11:03



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    I'm looking to set up the shipping on our site as follows:

    Units represent weight in pounds. So 1 unit (1lb) = $4.80

    For each additional item ordered, $1 should be added to the shipping charge for that item. So for example:
    product1 is .33 units, so the shipping for one of these products would be $1.60. If two of these items are ordered, the shipping is $2.60 and so forth.
    product2 is 1.25 units, so the shipping for product2 would be $6. If two ordered, the shipping for this product would be $7.
    The total shipping charge for this order would be $9.60 (7+2.60).

    And I'm assuming I can use decimal points on units, correct?

    Please let me know if this is at all possible and what would I need to do to set this up.
    Thank you in advance for any help on this!


    Feb 05 2009 21:54:35


    just visiting

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    The cart shipping routines receive a units total which is one of

    - the sum of the units values you specify (option 3, 5, or 7 with units = price box unchecked), or

    - the order value (options 3, ,5 or 7 with the units=price box checked), or

    - the number of items (options 2, 4, or 6)

    So, no it can't be done. Yes, you can use decimal points.

    Is there a problem with simply basing the charge on weight?

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Feb 10 2009 21:27:46



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    If the shipping is based on weight, then wouldn't it double if there are multiples of the same item ordered?
    So for example, if we're charging $1.60 for shipping product1, then if two of these products are ordered, the shipping goes up to $3.20 and so on? Or am I misunderstanding how this process works?

    According to what UPS charges us, the shipping charge is not doubled when the order is 2 pounds or tripled when it's 3 pounds and etc. The rates do go up for higher weight, but not by that much...

    So I think I'm confused as to how the total weight for the order is calculated in the shopping cart.
    thanks for your help!

    Feb 11 2009 08:47:31


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    Yes the weight would double for double the quantity but that doesn't mean the charge need double - as you note from the UPS charges. You would need some sort of sliding scale.

    If you have a premium account you might use the provided UPS calculator.

    If not, you could try option 5 with a table on the following lines where the charge per pound reduces as the weight increases. The COST column has multipliers.

    2 ____ 3 ____ multiply any weight up to 2lbs by 3 . 1lb would cost 3. 1.5 would cost 4.50.
    5 _____ 2 ____ multiply additional weight up to 7 by 2. 6lbs would now total 2*3 + 4*2.
    5 _____ 1
    5 _____ 0.5
    rest ___ 0.2

    So a 20lb order would be charged 2*3 + 5*2 + 5*1 + 5*0.5 + 3*0.2

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Feb 12 2009 22:06:35



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    I do have a Premium Account. I found UPS Setup under Cart Setup --> Advanced Shipping.
    Is this the UPS Calculator? How does it work? Does it link to our UPS account and adds the shipping charges based on the rates in our account and this automatically appears in the shopping cart?

    Feb 13 2009 01:18:20


    Debbie Q

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    There is a great post explaining how to setup the calculator in the premium cart here.

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