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Can't find cart text location and a magic field

    Dec 07 2012 16:25:40



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    Two issues illustrated here:

    1) Cart adds an extra small field, I think it comes from Zones, but can't really figure it out.

    2) Want to change verbage on the cart but can't locate the source of the text at the arrow. "If you change or add to your order . . . "

    Thanks for any ideas.

    Dec 07 2012 17:36:08



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    The extra field is coming from your shipping set up, you need to check what you've set up.

    The cart produces the recalculate text. You cannot change it.

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    Dec 07 2012 19:03:08



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    1) solved it, thanks. The blank field was generated bec I set up the Adv Ship > Links to Zones > List of US states badly. I did not choose the zone set ups, instead every field here was "exclude", thus the field with no label and no data. Cured. That took ten years of figuring.

    2) The verbage quesiton is outstanding. I know i wrote that myself a long time ago, I do not think it is coming from the system. It is the language that is to the left of the Pick Shipping Here button that I would like to change.

    Thanks all.

    Dec 07 2012 21:55:45


    Debbie Q

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    Under Customize / Messages and general settings about 1/2 way down the page is SHIPPING MESSAGE.

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    Dec 07 2012 22:47:50



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    Thanks Debbie but that is not it. The area you mention controls the text below the section in question.

    The text I need to access is to the direct Left of the green shipping button:

    If you change or add to your order, click on the Add shipping button to calculate the new cost of shipping.