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Cancel and return link in PayPal

    Dec 29 2012 19:46:53



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    I'm using Mal's cart with LinkLok. Once you add a product to the cart and click the "Check Out With PayPal" button, there's a link at the bottom of the PayPal page that says "Cancel and return to mywebsitename". When you click that link it takes you back to the cart but there's no continue shopping button or any way to get back to my site.

    Is there any way to edit where that PayPal cancel link goes to? Or any way to add a "Go back to mywebsite" link on the cart page?

    This is the cart page it links to:

    Dec 29 2012 20:43:41


    Debbie Q

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    You could put a link to your website in the header message area easy enough.

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    Dec 29 2012 21:06:29



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    Just found that option and added a link back to my site. I'd still rather have a Continue Shopping button though, is there no way to add that or make my own canceled order page and change the PayPal cancel link?