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Re:No Tax for Food Products

    Jan 22 2013 14:24:24



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    Thank you anon - we started our site 5 years ago and it's grown by leaps and bounds. We are at a point now that we need to make some decisions on better use of our time as it's hard to keep up.

    The other problem is finding the time to research the best way to go.

    Is there a product database software that you recommend? Or do you know of someone that can write a script for us? I do have experience with tweaking scripts - but not writing them.

    If you prefer to take this off forum - you can contact me here:

    anon said Kathy,

    Unfortunately, if you want to use tax= then you have to use it on everything, and tax= is the only way to charge different tax rates for different products.

    If you have thousands of products you should seriously consider using a product database and script to generate product listings on your web site. It would make your life a lot easier.