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    Jan 23 2013 06:53:10



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    If I log into my cart and the shipping area to no shipping and then in my html code use this

    <input type="hidden" name="shipping" value="8.00">

    it does not add the $8.00 shipping to the cart. or am I missunderstanding how this syntax works

    Jan 23 2013 07:31:32



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    Option 8: Posting your own total
    In this case the cart doesn't calculate shipping at all but you calculate it and post it in. There are two different ways of doing that. Either include a field called shipping in your Buy Now links or with an external shipping calculator.

    Not 'no shipping'.

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    Jan 23 2013 09:44:44



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    As GT says, each time you post in a value for 'shipping' using option 8 it resets the cart's shipping charge. It does not 'add' 8 but resets to 8.

    What exactly do you wish to do? To have a shipping value for each product you could use option 3 with a cost per unit of 1 and set a product's units value to its shipping charge.

    Some shipping help documents are available at