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Re:Problem with Delete, View Cart and More

    Feb 09 2013 12:07:25


    Mal Stewart

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    I've just spent a hour playing around with it with IE9 and and I wasn't able to replicate the problem, it all worked perfectly for me. That having been said, I believe there probably is an issue there somewhere, it is just a very subtle set circumstances which create it. I had a user with a similar problem with IE9 a couple of weeks ago but I thought I had fixed it. He has not reported anything since then.

    I think there may well be a problem with IE9 and cookies, it hadn't occured to me that it might be related to a browser redirect (which is how you add items to the cart) so I will investigate that further. However it should still work, even if the the browser drops the cookie, as the cart will just revert to using the IP instead. So I think there is also a caching issue involved in the behaviour too. I've added some headers to stop the browser caching the pages so that may resolve it. But I would be interested if anyone can replicate this issue, and if so how they did it. Email me direct.


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