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Re:mOrders file

    Feb 14 2013 01:53:14


    Ian S

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    Hi again Cyrus,

    I think we have a solution to this.

    I remembered I installed Morders on my sonís laptop that runs Windows 7 sometime ago (last August) but never bothered transferring the database.

    Just as you found, the tbdb file isnít visible in the backup folder (though a search did say it was there).

    I took a copy of my current database (not the backup version) from my XP machine and put a copy in the db folder AND the db/backup folder. Then did the 'restore backup' routine.

    This worked up to a point - lots of orders appeared (42,000 of them!) but only up to last August. I realised that it had only restored files up to the date that the backup folder was created.

    So I deleted the backup folder and recreated it (so with todays date). Copied the XP version tdbd file again into the windows 7 db folder and the db/backup folder.
    Performed the restore backup routine again and all the orders came in.

    Hope this helps (helped me as will no doubt be going over to a new machine quite son)