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Re:Mals Email to a database

    Mar 01 2013 16:58:34


    Pat H

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    Thanks for the suggestions, my problem is a) If you do not download from Mals to Morders regularly and within 8 weeks (I think) then the information is lost. And although I did this regularly the next time I backed the data up in Morders it deleted about 3 months of data, I could not even get the data back by restoring the data. So i was left with manually entering the orders into Morders using the information from Mals confirmation emails. Luckily I have kept these for the last 7 years since I started using Mals e-commerce.

    But the good news is that after posting for help on this subject last night I Googled it and there was a solution for the layman. It is called 'CodeTwo Outlook Export'. You download the FREE program and install it and it integrates within your MS Outlook program, you choose which folder in Outlook to export, the fields and where you want the resulting csv file to be saved. then its up to you what you do with the data, import it to Excel, Access, or keep it in txt. I shall use Excel.
    CodeTwo Outlook Export is available here:
    Hope you find it useful,

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