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    Sep 06 2008 11:35:21



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    we're new to mal's ecommerce, and have ecommerce on our website that was programmed by our website designer/creator. unfortunately, she is on maternity leave, and not contactable.

    so pardon us if this question has been asked before or stupid.

    we have some products pages with "ww#..../add.cfm" action code, and some with "ww#..../addmulti.cfm" action code.
    this difference happened when we needed to add more info/options for certain products.
    the old product pages use the "ww#.../add.cfm" code, and the new pages that require more info/options use the "ww#.../addmulti.cfm" code.

    they all used to work well.

    but now, after some reshuffling of product web pages, the codes no longer work.
    when testing the pages, we have the following problems:

    1) after clicking the 'buy now' button, the user is brought to the shopping cart page but it says 'shopping cart is empty'. even though the item bought is supposed to be automatically added to the shopping cart. (i.e. no need to select any qty. all user needs to do in order to buy the item is to click on 'buy now'.)

    2) for some pages, we get the "error: userid not set" message.

    we hope you can help us, pls?
    we need solutions.

    also, we tried browsing through your faq and support info pages. but there is nothing on 'addmulti.cfm'?

    thanks in advance for reading this, and helping us.

    looking forward to your kind reply.

    p.s. if you need see our website to get a clearer picture, pls let us know. thanks again. :)

    Sep 06 2008 13:03:54



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    An add.cfm form can have only one product. The input statements refer to name="price" name="units", etc..

    An addmulti.cfm form can have multiple products. Each has a numeric suffix so that the various products and prices can be related when sent to the cart.

    input statements therefore refer to name="price1", name="units5", etc..

    So simplest may be to use addmulti.cfm throughout.

    Just make sure that your product related name= statements have numeric suffixes - product price units productpr discountpr noship noqty and probably others.

    There is or was information on addmulti. cfm on the website but a recent transformation has muddied the waters somewhat. I try and find the help pages and let you know.

    Sep 06 2008 13:09:45



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    Click on Support at top left, then on Creating Buy Now buttons to see more options.

    One is Adding Multiple items to the cart.

    I'd prefer the other options to at least appear when one hovers over the left column! Or at least to know that a click expands the menu. Will contact Mal.

    Sep 07 2008 02:46:39



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    Hi Alan,
    Thanks! :)
    We truly appreciate your effort and help. :)

    Oct 17 2008 06:38:55



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    Thanks for the info Alan.
    I came searching for how to sell multiple products and found your useful information. Thanks!