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Re:UPS Setup

    Feb 12 2009 16:20:21



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    The UPS website is hard to navigate in my opinion. Here are the instructions and I hope they help!
    To get started, you will need to first register specifically for UPS OnLine Tools. After you have received your Developer’s Key, you can request your Access Key. If you have already registered for My, go to step 7 after you have logged in with your User ID and Password.

    1. Open your desired Internet browser.

    2. Access the UPS web site at

    3. Click on the [Register] button, located to the right of the screen.

    4. In the “Complete Information for My UPS Registration” box, enter your name, e-mail, User ID and Password. Click on [Next].

    5. Complete the "UPS Registration window:

    a: In the "1 Contact Information" section, fill in the fields with your information. All fields labeled in bold print are required. All other fields are optional.

    b: In the "2 Shipping Preferences" section, select any shipping preferences that you would like from the drop-down menus.

    c: In the "3 Select Email Options" window, select the email options you would like for UPS to use for notification. Please note that UPS respects your privacy and will not send unsolicited emails to you.

    d: In the "4 Payment Defaults" window, select the appropriate default in the drop-down menu. Please note that you may have to enter further information in this section, dependant on what you select.

    e: In the "5 Primary Role" section, select the role that best desribes you from the drop-down menu.

    f: In the "Technology Agreement" section, read the UPS Technology Agreement. You may also click on the [Terms and Conditions] link for further information. After you have read the agreements, you can click on the box next to "By selecting this box and the Next button, I agree to these Terms and Conditions" to agree and continue.

    6. Click on the [Next] button at the bottom of the window after all the information has been entered.

    7. Once registered for My UPS, click on the [Business Solutions] tab.

    8. Under the “Most Popular Solutions” section, click on [UPS OnLine Tools].

    9. On the “UPS OnLine Tools” page, click on [Get OnLine Tools] which is in the yellow section to the right.

    10. In the gray box for “Standard Tools,” select the UPS OnLine Tools you would like. If you actually need a tool that is within the "Premium Tools" section, please reply to this email with the Premium Tool that you want to use. I will then provide alternative instructions.

    11. The next screen looks like a registration screen; however, it is actually looking for additional information including your UPS account number. Once the information is entered and verified, click on the [Submit] button at the bottom of the window.

    12. In the gray box on the next webpage, you will be given your confirmation of the standard tools you have successfully registered for. Your Developer’s Key will be e-mailed to you in just a few moments, so please leave this screen open and monitor your e-mail until you receive the Developer’s Key.

    13. Once you receive the Developer’s Key in the e-mail, copy it and click on the standard tool that most applies to you.

    14. On the next webpage, you can request your Access Key. Click on [Get Access Key] on the right side of the screen.

    15. Select the type of Access Key you desire, “XML” or “HTML.” If you are going to use a shopping cart, you will probably want to select XML Access Key unless otherwise directed by the shopping cart vendor.

    16. Enter your Developer’s Key and click on [Submit].

    17. Once again, verify that all the information in the bold type fields is accurate and complete on the “Provide Additional Information” page and click on [Submit].

    18. Your Access Key will appear on the screen. It will also be sent to the default e-mail address in your profile.