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Re:form with lots oif text boxes & drop downs. help needed

    Apr 15 2013 05:44:55



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    Hey GT - thx for reply.

    no price is needed for the qty4

    I do have <option></option>

    I have tested several times. when I remove text boxes I don't get extra items added to cart with commas. the culprit is the text boxes sending an empty item to cart


    GT said Hi Clair,

    Here, you have a qty, but no price to go with it:
    <input type="hidden" name="qty4" value="1">
    Use this option if you chose 3 lines of embroidery: <select name="product4">

    With the others, where you have a qty value of one, the item is added to the cart, but your first select is left empty when using productpr, so no product name/price is sent:
    <select name="productpr9" id="Font on Tongue">

    To force a buyer to make a selection, I suggest you look at this page:

    Claire Walters Design Studios