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Re:form with lots oif text boxes & drop downs. help needed

    Apr 15 2013 18:48:10



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    Alan - looks like your solution will work! nice :) I edited 1 option so far using your codes. I will post back with complete working form in case anyone else needs to use. thank you!

    Alan said You can set the qty to 0 and change it to 1 if the product is selected. Using part of your form, if I don't select the product, nothing goes to the cart, even if I enter text.

    If I do select the product then because the non-chargeable items are not new products, they go to the cart as text (if any) and commas. I described earlier how to remove commas if wished.

    <form action=""; method="post" id="qtys" name="qtys"><input name="userid" value="3846922" type="hidden">
    Complete options below for each line of embroidery you are ordering<br>
    <input name="qty5" value="0" type="hidden">
    Select Font Style Line #1: <select name="productpr5" font-line1="" onChange='document.qtys.qty5.value="1"' >

    <option selected="selected"></option>
    <option value="Font Line 1-Block-:00.00:0">Block</option>
    <option value="Font Line 1-Script-:00.00:0">Script</option>
    <option value="Font Line 1-Full-Block-:00.00:0">Full Block</option>
    <option value="Font Line 1-Full Block Outlined-:00.00:0">Full Block Outlined</option>
    <option value="Font Line 1-2-Tone-Full Block-:5.00:0">2 Tone Full Block</option>

    <br>Text for Line 1: <input name="product5[]" size="20" type="text">
    <br>Thread color Line 1:<input name="product5[]" size="20" type="text"><br>
    *if you chose 2-Tone font for line 1, The field above is for the inside color, the field below is for the outline color.<br>
    Line1-2nd color/outline for 2-tone Full Block Only:<input name="product5[]" size="20" type="text">
    <input name="submit" type="submit" value="Add to Cart"></form>

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