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How to change our Mal's password

    Apr 17 2013 19:47:03



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    I do not see where we can change the password used to log into our Mal's account. We have the free account, I'm logged in and have looked and looked everywhere.

    I'm not talking about the Payment PW, but rather, the general PW used to login to the Mals website.

    Thank you!

    Apr 17 2013 19:58:58



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    After you log into your Mal's account you will see this to your right....

    You might also like to:
    Create a new shopping cart
    Click here to create a new shopping cart and manage it under this account
    Add an existing cart to this account
    Click here to login to an existing shopping cart and manage it under this account

    Account details <---
    {e-mail address}
    Edit details
    Change password <---

    Last login
    On: Wed, 17 Apr 2013 10:57:00 UTC
    From IP:
    Your current IP address is:

    Click change password under account details.

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    Apr 17 2013 20:14:54



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    Hmmm --- I think that changes my password to log into this forum. (it's a confusing format, having all these separate ways of logging in).

    I need to change the password to log into one specific Mal's shopping cart account. I'll check out your suggestions though and see what happens.

    Apr 17 2013 20:20:03



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    Me again.

    I just checked. Your instructions enable me to change the password for this general "mal's account" where I can access this forum. I added the Mal's cart in question to this account, but it still retained its own separate password and it is THAT password that I need to change asap.

    When logging in directly to that account, I see nowhere that allows me to change password. We have some staffing changes so, for security, need to update passwords, etc.

    Apr 17 2013 20:34:43


    Debbie Q

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    When you log into the cart on the right hand side under "My Admin" Says... Change Passwords.

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    Apr 17 2013 20:52:31



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    Good grief, you're absolutely right, Debbie. How did we miss that?

    Thank you so much!