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Printing Invoices on 2 pages?

    Feb 14 2009 16:52:55



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    Anyone else found a go around for printing invoices, sales receipts etc. on more than one page?

    If my customer has ordered more than a certain number of items, they don't all fit on one page when I print them out. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to print the second page with the balance of items.

    Is this me or a glitch in the software design?


    Mar 01 2009 02:56:40


    Michael Schwab

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    I believe if you can format the text smaller in MOrders Reports, DBPipeline orders (if that is what you're using?) , you may be able to fit larger orders on one page, but I haven't figured that one out yet myself... :)


    Jun 03 2009 01:35:25



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    I am running into the same problem. I know you can change the font size, but I would like to know that if there is a large order that it will print 1, 2 or 3 pages if needed. Does anybody know how to get DBPipelineItems to page break and continue onto the page if more items go past the page break?


    Jun 03 2009 03:06:29



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    Playing around I was able to get 2 pages to print using the default Invoice report when you have many items.

    In Design mode tab I right clicked in the 'Subreport1: DBPipelineItems' table, then selected 'Traverse All Data'.

    This makes sure that the items table is not a set size, and if you have many items then your items will be carried to page 2. I also enlarged the subreport table in the main page to the bottom of page (so items table does not stop half way down).