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Re:PayPal stopped working

    May 25 2013 04:12:51



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    Tim, I use authorize only in my store. There are pro's and con's for doing this. For my shop because I do not have a shipping calculator set up on my site, my shippping is estimated. With authorize only, I have to manually collect the payment.

    If my cart estimated to much shipping, then I collect only the true amount needed and my customer does not have to wait for a refund as I collect the corret amount.

    On the flipside of that, if my cart did not estimate the correct amount, I can actually collect more then the customer authorized, so I am not out any money. With authorize only, I can collect 15% more then the customer authorized.

    It is actually rare that I have not collected enough for shipping, but I can't begin to tell you how often a customer emails or calls me and asks me to add an item to their order. Because I can collect a little more, the majority of the time I can just add it to the amount I collect and do not have to hastle with sending them an invoice or getting their cc number for the balance due.

    As to paypal not verifying the payment back to Mal's so that it shows as paid, that happens more often then I care about. It does happen quite often.

    But the reason I wanted to respond here is because you had several orders that were not paid and the customers were not looking for the orders.

    Those very well could have been valid orders that just did not follow through for some reason. When this happens to me, which it does on a semi-regular basis, I contact the customer. I have about a 85-90% capture rate on those non-paid orders.

    Sometimes someone just has a problem checking out. Something gives them a glitch on the paypal system, so they just walk away instead of trying again.

    So what I do is I email them a paypal invoice for the amount do. Then seperately from my business email account, I just send them a note, basically saying to the effect of "Hello, so-in-so, I have a question for you. I had an order come through for you, but no payment. So I do not know if you had a problem checking out, or if you changed your mind. I went ahead and emailed you an invoice. If you would like the order, just go ahead and pay it (or you can call with cc info). If you don't want the order, please let me know and I will cancel it for you."

    That simple email captures a huge amount of orders that would have been lost.

    Just thought I would share my two cents, for what they are worth.

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