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Debbie can you help with a cosmetic change?

    Jul 22 2013 10:57:36



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    I like the layout of your order screen on your own website. I'm interested in being able to make a cosmetic alteration in my own cart and wonder if you can help.

    I have the free account so this may be a non-starter but here goes. I want a white background where I have the table containing all the text and header image but would like a darker background for the rest (blank part) of the page. Is this possible?

    Jul 22 2013 11:43:35



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    The background color Annie is page wide, not split.

    With a premium account you can use your own template colors to suit.

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    Jul 22 2013 13:30:25



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    Thanks for letting me know. I had a feeling it would only be possible for Premium accounts.

    Jul 22 2013 13:38:00


    Debbie Q

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    What I did was put table code into the header field box. I did not use the normal logo setup as I wanted it in the white area too so it was also in the header field. Works on a free cart.

    <table bgcolor=white><tr><td><center><img src=>

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    Jul 22 2013 14:53:29



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    That's a cool trick. Thanks very much Debbie. I think the cart looks much more like the rest of my site now.