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Prevent entering of Amex cards before gateway

    Feb 19 2009 14:27:31


    Maida Carpio Scott

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    Despite the fact that we announce that we only accept Visa and Mastercard, we had a customer repeatedly try to enter her Amex card for payment.

    As a result, the merchant account provider charged us $1.75 per attempt.

    Yes, we need to change merchant account providers, but that's another story.

    Regardless, is there a setting to pre-validate the card type before it goes to the gateway? Where it checks for the starting digit?

    Amex starts with 3, Visa starts with 4, MC starts with 5 and Discover with 6, so it could be an easy check.

    Feb 19 2009 15:27:10


    Debbie Q

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    In cart setup under required fields there is a box that says validate credit card fields. Not sure if it would weed out Amex or not. Let us know if it does or doesn't help.

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    Feb 19 2009 15:52:44


    just visiting

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    Typically when using a gateway it collects the card number. So I think the message about which cards you accept is just for information in this case - there's no facility to enforce it before the card number is entered.

    So the question may be whether you can ask for the first digit in the cart and reject other than 4 or 5. I guess so although a customer could still bypass that step.

    Maybe others can suggest what you need to add to the cart.

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    Aug 24 2009 18:42:39


    Maida Carpio Scott

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 24

    Anyone else have any ideas how to only allow the entry of credit cards that we accept?

    We *clearly* have written in several places on the site that we only take Visa/MC, but people still insist on entering numbers from Amex and Discover and we get charged every time.

    It's frustrating.

    Aug 24 2009 21:45:30



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    I had the same problem early in the year, I emailed Mal but he said there was nothing he could do.

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