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Re:Tax ID

    Feb 19 2009 15:03:41



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    Marco said: For some reason the page where customers have to add their personal details now shows a 'Tax ID' field. It wasn't there, but now it is. Does someone know why this field was added? I tried a lot of settings but can't find the right one to remove the Tax ID field.

    anon said: I think it comes from checking the EEA box under option 8 on the Tax Calculations page.


    It would seem that selecting the EEA option with Option 8 on the Tax Calculations page automatically checks the Tax ID option on another admin setup page --

    Customize --> Other Messages and General Settings (top of the page) This is the setting that puts the 'Tax or VAT number' field into the cart billing details page.

    However, deselecting Option 8 on the Tax Calculations page doesn't automatically uncheck the Tax ID option, so the 'Tax or VAT number' field remains until unchecked manually.

    Incidentally 'Tax or VAT number' is the field legend that currently displays in the cart (at least on servers 10 and 11). When I first checked this feature out a while ago, the displayed legend was 'Tax ID'