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Remote Call

    Jul 30 2013 04:27:46


    Lynn Greene

    Join date : 2011-07-25      Posts : 20

    In the Payment Methods / Standard Methods / Payments / Payment Options / Other Payment options, I have Purchase Order in the first field.

    Then for Create Your Own Payment Options for 1st Payment Option: Purchase Order, I have P.O.#.

    During the checkout process, it asks for P.O. #, which I enter.

    The P.O. # shows up in the e-mail message that I receive.

    Is the P.O. # entered passed to the remote call processing?

    Maybe in pay-data?

    Any ideas?

    Greene Ware, Etc.

    Jul 30 2013 05:14:24


    Lynn Greene

    Join date : 2011-07-25      Posts : 20

    Nope - not pay-data - it is extra!

    Problem solved!

    Greene Ware, Etc.