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Option for no shipping?

    Aug 01 2013 01:40:52



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    We are selling to our school and will not be shipping. we will be fulfilling and delivering to the student to take home. Is there an option to not have any shipping?

    Aug 01 2013 01:43:21



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    Yes, there is.

    Go to your account in Mal's and set payment gateway to NONE and then below that set it to COD or similar.

    Hope this helps


    Aug 01 2013 03:26:35


    Debbie Q

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    In setup under Tax and Shipping/shipping sellect the radio button next too "No shipping"

    If this is part of your regular store and need shipping for regular customers make a new zone called "School delivery" or something like that and make the cost 0.

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    Oct 11 2017 22:01:28



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    Old thread I know, but Debbie wrote:

    <<In setup under Tax and Shipping/shipping sellect the radio button next too "No shipping>>

    I cannot find this button. I am trying to turn shipping function off a cart completely. Any suggestions? Tks.

    Oct 12 2017 07:38:10



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    1. Cart setup 2. Tax & shipping 3. Shipping and you'll see the no shipping radio button. Click on it and then on Update shipping.

    If you've been using advanced shipping then after (2) select Standard Shipping and then click on Submit before moving to (3).

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    Oct 12 2017 17:05:36



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    Thank you. The No Shipping Option was not available as I had previously set Advanced Shipping Options.

    For Alan or another shipping manager:

    Do you know if Option 8 in shipping will integrate with the UPS Shipping API to enable dimensional weight and multi-package shipping calculations?

    Oct 13 2017 08:55:59



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    Option 8 consists of code you write. I think you are given the units total and the total value of the products. Mals doesn't have information on dimensions so the result would be no better than using the provided UPS interface.

    Having said that, if you had say just three different product types and you knew the dimensions and were a good programmer it might be possible, but certainlly non-trivial.

    In passing, there is no shipping manager. Apart from an occasional post by Mal, the rest are from cart users like you, or in my case, former user.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Oct 13 2017 15:44:38



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    Thank you for responding Alan, particularly since you no longer use Mals. I will try to find a developer to determine if Mals can be taken to the next level. If others have graduated from Mals because of this, I would love to hear where the next was, either here or via PM. I need the simplicity of Mals with the capability of multiple package weights and dimensions passing to UPS.