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Re:Mobile Webstore - how to upload products using a *.csv

    Aug 03 2013 08:16:52



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    mjh said Good evening

    I just spotted the new-to-me Mal's mobile webstore and have been playing with it.

    I can't find comprehensive Help files for the cart.

    How can I upload a *.csv with numerous products into the mobile webstore? Is there a sample file with the necessary column headings?

    I am used to using the database merge feature in Serif's WebPlus X6.

    By the way, I noticed today that under Coupons that a *,csv can be uploaded.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS this is a re-post of this thread

    Good morning, one and all

    I just heard from Mal and the answer to this question and my other eight was 'no'.

    I am really disappointed,