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Re:Product minimums

    Aug 11 2013 13:24:08



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    Sommai said mjh said Think of this as a pair of socks.
    Two socks = one pair = one sales unit, qty=1

    LOL thanks mjh
    we don't sell socks - we are a restaurant. My problem is some dishes are charged per head but there is a minimum number such as 2, 3, 4 etc
    I had a go at writing something to replace the noqty with a +/- button but it didn't work. Then again I'm rather new to this and have a lot to learn so was looking in the forum to see if anyone may have found a solution.
    I think the answer is no.
    thank you all for your input

    I'd really like to see how you handle this and also your website. Sounds like a family-style offering.

    think through another way of expressing the offer. It may be three or four different buttons: One for each number of heads, so that any of the buttons has a qty of 1.

    So: let's offer Lasagna, for instance.

    Lasagna for two persons = $15.00, qty 1
    Lasagna for three persons = $22.50, qty1
    Lasagna for four persons = $30.00, qty1


    PS I was thinking of trying the new Mal's Mobile estore for a local pizza place.