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New buttons on the checkout page

    Aug 23 2013 16:50:08



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    Mal just posted this in Facebook.

    There has been an option in the cart setup to have a Delete link by each quantity in the cart for quite a while now. However I've added some new choices to that option: a new icon style plus you can have a Update link too. Find it on the "Messages and general settings" page in the cart setup.

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    Sep 04 2013 16:49:04



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    I have asked on many occations that Mal posts on here (there used to be a sticky) when he does something new as not everyone likes facebook.

    I did see that post on FB and asked a question (shown below) which has not been answered. Has anyone on here had a play with it yet?

    "if you have both icons they are not sitting next to each other properly. Is there a minimum width of cart to make this work properly?"

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    Sep 04 2013 20:26:07


    Debbie Q

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    I guess that would depend on your font and font size so you would have to play with it.

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