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Google Shopping/ Data feed search results

    Aug 24 2013 14:21:38



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    Since Google has now switched to making any merchants listing their products within their Google Shopping service, has anyone been trying to lean AdWords?

    Since these changes, our sales are down and any changes we make to our Ad Targets/ campaigns isn't helping. Anyone else experiencing anything like this as well?

    Google is now playing favorites with whomever is wiling to pay them the highest to have their results show. To me, it's simply not a good Google User experience (the searcher).

    Jan 20 2014 20:36:41



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    Anyone experience a decline in orders due to Google Shopping's changes?

    Jan 21 2014 06:13:40



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    Our clients are normally in the top 3 natural searches, so we don't do adwords, sorry can't help.

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