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Re:GoDaddy -need help- NO tech support

    Aug 26 2013 00:28:21



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    colah said Wow- that's nice to say to me. But it's not my error. I am SURE of it.
    When I upload the coding, it looks correct ON THE WEBSITE BUILDER- I have published over and over and over- doublechecked everything- and it's right. I have the screenshot to prove it. It's just not showing up online.
    Furthermore, as I said, I have had this the SAME for 2 MONTHS and all was fine until Friday. Not ONE thing changed on the website as far as new coding, etc.! Furthermore, as I uploaded my 'test' to another website I own, it's obvious I KNOW WHAT I'm DOING- it's correct everywhere else. This would tell me, or anyone that has common sense, it's not 'user error'.


    I am so sorry to read of your frustration with GoDaddy's site builder and their staff.

    May I suggest you get Serif's WebPlus as it has easy to use tools to create Mal's Cart buy now and add to cart buttons. No coding. Just use the simple wizard.

    I've been doing and supporting sites with Mals'Cart and paypal for years and could do your page in an hour or so and have it published and live.

    You could use the hosting at GoDaddy or elsewhere.

    Hope this helps and at least now you know you have yet another option.