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printing my orders

    Sep 21 2013 09:05:37


    Erica Ratcliffe

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    hiya is there a way i can print my orders in one go, rather than individually. Thank You Erica

    Sep 21 2013 14:21:12



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    With a premium account Erica, you can view as a web page or download as a csv file:

    Batch download of orders
    08:10 17 Sep 13 3547517 Gt COD 19.98
    14:57 26 Aug 13 3515733 jeff Paypal 200.00

    Check All - Clear All
    Web page Include printing header
    CSV text file as a delimiter and quoted.
    European date format DD-MM-YYYY
    include field names.
    include product codes.
    output the cart contents as a separate table
    append cart contents to the end of an order.
    no cart contents, just the order details

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    Sep 26 2013 16:09:45


    Ian S

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    We use MOrders which works very well.