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Change Payment Type Depending On Order

    Oct 23 2013 02:34:26



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    I'm trying to set up a deposit now, charge full amount later type thing for one of my items. I've been using PayPal to process payments, but in order to set this up, I need to use something else. I've already set up the secondary processing. But, I'd still like to have PayPal available just in case. If I change my price on the item to the deposit amount, then there's no way for me to charge the rest if the customer pays through PayPal. Is there any way for the cart to dynamically limit which payment options are available depending on the item or amount purchased?

    Oct 23 2013 03:46:33



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    New one to me... Cannot think how it could be done.

    Why not email the buyer and give them a link to PayPal for the rest of the payment value?

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